sexta-feira, março 03, 2006

My Carnaval Trip to Poção

Well, friends, I know I promised you some goat pictures, but when I had my camera out the goats were notably absent from Poção! I think they went carnavalling in some nearby city and left the cows, pigs and dogs to hold down the fort.

To be fair to Poção, I have to say that it had other interesting things besides animals eating trash. I just found animals eating trash to be the most interesting subject matter for my photo journalism. It is really a cute little town with no more or less trash than any other town of its size in this region.

By the time the goats came back from Carnaval, I was suffering from an acute intestinal infection of some sort, so I was unable to document their activities. I hope my friendly readers will be willing to take a rain-check on this one.


Blogger Mataikhan said...

Acute Intestinal Infection? Is that what you get from eating trash?

6:58 AM  
Blogger caedmonstia said...

Yes, and it tasted better going down than it did coming up, hah hah

7:21 AM  

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