domingo, abril 09, 2006

Me at the Vigil

I was famous again, but this time I didn't even get to see myself. I got home from the Vigil to End Violence Against Women, and my house-mates said, "We saw you on TV". I talked to my cousin, and we agreed that if you are going to have your 2 seconds of fame, they should warn you first so you can atleast watch yourself on TV or buy the newspaper that day (later, some people told me my picture was in the newspaper as well.

So this isn't the picture that got in the paper, my friend took this one on my camera. This appears to be a particularly meaningful moment, when in actuality it was about the 50th time I had to re-light my candle off of someone else's (it was very windy, not good weather for a candle-light vigil).


Blogger slowlane said...

Hey, did you ever see the interview you did at the waterfalls? I wonder how much air time you got.

6:56 PM  

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