quinta-feira, setembro 09, 2004

And now, a word from our hair sponsor

Do you have LIMP HAIR! Does your hair make you SAD! Does it drive in the SLOW LANE!
SEDA Hidraloe Hidratação Progressiva could change your life! Like it changed mine! My hair was sad like some wilted lichen! Because I use to use "Ordinary Shampoo"! Now my hair is lustrous and manageable! Like the grasses of some fields in a dream! Buy some SEDA so your hair will be happy! Like a dream!


Blogger serapio said...

Hmm. I think I see your problem. That ordinary shampoo looks suspiciously like dishwashing fluid or perhaps furniture polish! Of course that's going to make your hair look like a polished table / wilted lichen (they're much the same thing, you know). And your hair definitely does look more happy after using SEDA Hidraloe Hidratação Hidraprogressiva Hidrahuumuuhuumuu Hidranukunuku Hidra'apua'a.

9:02 PM  
Blogger caedmonstia said...

Just correct your error, the ordinary shampoo was not furniture wax, at all. Although it might have been "all-purpose cleaner" which would SEEM to imply that it could be used for ALL PURPOSES. Including Hair. But then again you can never trust advertisers these days since they are always out to screw you over and turn your hair into wilted lichen.

3:27 PM  
Blogger slowlane said...

I think in order to better market the shampoo that makes your hair like fields of grass in a dream you should try and shorten the name to something easier to say. Like maybe it should be named "Hogwash."

1:38 PM  

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