domingo, junho 18, 2006

My egg is old

I have been informed by a faithful reader that my egg post has expired and that "yea, it stinketh". So I am doing my blogly duties.

This is a picture of my vacation. Here I am, wearing my "family bathingsuit", running a special kind of race invented by my godson. In this type of race, the judge/animator of the race makes two long squiggly, swirly, twirly lines on the ground (not necessarily of equal length). He then appoints two people to run along the contours of the lines. The person who gets to end of his/her line first wins. We found that, interestingly enough, the winner frequently was the contestant appointed to run along the shorter line.

This picture was taken before the fateful dinner at the pricey restaurant whereupon I acquired a case of food-poisoning and shortly there-after puked up all the expensive food.

Restaurants should have some sort of a return policy, seriously. Like, "Guaranteed to Stay Down! Or Your Money Back!" I guess in a way, though, it was really my fault. I think there is a sort of common-sense rule that fancy Italian restaurants that serve large cubes of bologna as appetizers should be avoided without a second thought. I ignored this common-sense rule and paid the consequences.


Blogger slowlane said...

Restaurants that serve balogna in any fashion should probably be avoided.

Although, I can't be too picky. My roommate left some shrimp on the stove for hours and hours and so yea, my house doth stinketh.

12:52 PM  
Blogger madeline said...

my coworker fried 2-week-old leftover shrimp in our office kitchen. then he did not eat it, as it produced such an unpleasant odor that the office "secret council" ruled he should have to bring in yummy treats every day for a week.

i like your godson's race idea. it seems there's some kind of life metaphor in there somewhere.

4:57 PM  
Blogger serapio said...

That looks like a very nice site for a loopy race.

Re: shrimp -- eeeeewwww!

9:40 PM  
Blogger Mataikhan said...

On the shrimp theme, a few days ago, Elsiene and I were driving in Goiânia, and we passed a bare-footed vendor squatting on the curb selling shrimp out of a wheelbarrow.

Now Goiânia is a good 500 miles from the ocean, or driving on Brazilian roads at Brazilian speeds, that's easily two days drive. That's assuming the vendor probably didn't push his wheelbarrow all the way from São Paulo, in which case..., well never mind.

Anyhow, as we drove past in a cloud of dust, my wife's only comment was, "That looks dangerous."

5:35 PM  

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