terça-feira, dezembro 28, 2004

And Now a Word from Our Non-sponsor...

This is a commercial for Thrift Stores.

I am writing a commercial for thrift stores because they don't spend much on marketing. Very rarely, for instance, does one see a Super-Bowl commercial for a thrift store. So, the thrift stores of the world will be happy to know that this is a free commercial. And my blog, of course, is better than the super-bowl.

Thrift Stores Rock! Why does anyone bother buying clothes new, I want to know? Sure, the clothes there are a bit smelly and have rings-around-the-collar, but after a bit of cleaning up they are perfectly fine. I bought a huge bag full of good clothing today, for $26, the price of one item new.

So go to a thrift store today, take your old junk, and buy some junk that's new-to-you.


Blogger slowlane said...

I heartily agree. You can find just about anything at thrift stores. My only complaint is that they sometimes don't accept certain donations (like mammoth couches and refridgerators.)

11:07 PM  

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