sábado, junho 24, 2006

My Lungs are Black (or, I survived another São João)

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I posted about last year's São João... all the corn food and smoke and dancing.

Well, it came and went again, and my lungs are not unhappy to see it go.

I had fun, of course. We walked around looking at everyone's bonfires and trying to see if we could recognize any faces through the ashy billows...

Then we danced (pictured here is my enthusiastic dance partner) and ate corn food. Luckily, I did not eat as much corn food as last year so I did not spend all day today in the bathroom.


Anonymous Sanjay Sandal said...

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11:58 AM  
Blogger slowlane said...

You don't look as warm as you did in last year's photos.

10:44 PM  

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