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Business in Greensborough

Here are some unique businesses and marketing techniques that I observed while in Alabama.

In the first picture you will note a remarkable business, which, unlike the Dreamland Drive-in Barbeque, evidently offers a variety of products and services.

Mike's Hair Plus & Auto Detailing is your one-stop shop for all coiffure and automotive needs.

In the photograph below, we note a clever option for someone simply not satisfied with the newspaper as their only advertizing venue.

This chap cruises up and down the road with his pitbull strapped on the back of his truck, displaying the very progenitor of his AKC puppies and all the information necessary to contact him for a sale.


Blogger madeline said...

i saw super specialized, seemingly unnecessary businesses in new york when i was there. at first i couldn't figure out how they stayed in business, but then i decided, due to the ridiculous number of people hurrying about, you're bound to get some customers simply due to people ricocheting in accidentally. in a rural environment such as this, however, i see it is necessary for even relevant businesses to diversify.

also, i need to get a truck. i can think of a few things i'd like to display. look out, portland!

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