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The Sights in Alabama

Recently, I made a trip to Greensborough, Alabama. It is not a well-known place as far as must-see tourist spots in the USA, but as I will illustrate here, it has several points of interest for those who may visit.

The first spot, pictured here, is a nice little swampy-type place that is called Something-or-other Park. I don't remember what the first part, but it has the name "park" in it. It has interesting trees growing out of it, which, you can see in the photograph below, have some funny boogery sort of stalagmite things growing up beside them, coming out of the water. The residents of the area who accompanied me were unable to explain the presence of these little growths, conjecturing that perhaps they were once trees that beavers bit apart, or maybe a funny type of root-growth.

It seems like it could be a bit of a spooky place at night, but during the day it was quite nice.

Visitors to the Something-or-other Park are duly warned, as can be noted in the picture below, that swimming and boating are engaged in at one's own risk.

The helpful signage points out that not one person, but "too persons" have drowned in the "lake".


Blogger Mr. Carroll said...

Nice photoshoot. You should become a world traveler and go around reporting on places like this. The world can be a strange place, and somebody needs to explain it to us. What is the explanation of the word verification for this comment? I don't really feel very "evivl".

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