segunda-feira, maio 26, 2008


If I had realized how little effort it would take to get my family to visit, I would have made these renovations the very first day. Field and Garden Dream will appreciate (I hope) the new paint job and Slowlane will be comforted by the new water faucets I have installed (hopefully she will not find it disturbing that I have water coming out of the electric pole...)

For my most recent blog visitor, "V", I am happy to report that we have no hallways so there is no need to turn sideways. We do have a narrow winding staircase that no one more rotund than Eduardo can pass through. But since the bathroom is downstairs, there is no need to go upstairs anyway. And if you really really must, you can just scale the electric pole/water pipe, jump over the roof, and go through the doorway-with-no-door on the other side (Watch out that the other faucet doesn't catch you in the crotch though! Owie!).


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Blogger Brian said...

With that shade of green, the big faucets will be handly. You can use them for riot control when the neighbors come to complain.

10:51 PM  

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