segunda-feira, outubro 04, 2004

Mennonite Statistics for the Day

Here they are, taken from the book, The Mennonite Starter Kit: A Handy Guide for the New Mennonite:

1. Of American men who still wear sideburns, 84% are Mennonite Pastors from the Midwest; 17 percent are Elvis impersonators.

2. Three-forths of Mennonites say that it is wrong to use alcohol; the other quarter say it depends on what you use it for.

3. Sixty-five percent of all Mennonites think that war has its disadvantages.

4. One percent of Amish men say it is wrong for a Christian to fight in a war. The rest could not be reached by phone.
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This important book is available, for those of you interested in converting today. It will change your life!


Blogger slowlane said...

What I find most disturbing is that one percent of men who wear sideburns who are both Mennonite pastors from the Midwest AND Elvis impersonators. It puts a whole new spin on tent making.

3:08 PM  

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