sábado, julho 28, 2007

New Cat

This is my new cat, Pinky. Her full name is Pinky White-Yellow, a name suggested by my fiancé, pleased with himself for inventing a name in English. (First he suggested Pinky White-Yellow-Green-Black, but I pointed out that it seemed a little too long for such a small cat).

Pinky is the successor of two previous cats -- Fermix, who mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago, and Wendell, who I owned for approximately 3 days before he ran away while I was out. Wendell was a lot cuter and more photogenic than Pinky White-Yellow, but I have to give credit to Pinky because she is much more consistent and neat about using the sandbox. So while she may be less appealing visually, perhaps she makes up for it in the olfactory category.

Sirikiki (my surviving snooty siamese-and-mutt mix cat) finds Pinky's name difficult to pronounce, and so far calls her "Re-OOOOOOOOW FFFFFFTTTTTTTTTT!!!!" But with time I am sure she will get the hang of it.


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Blogger Mr. Carroll said...

June was such a success with Honey Picture Month, I've spent all of July thinking of a theme for the month, and now with the month almost over I realize it should have been Pet Picture Month. You have Pinky, and Pinkey had Sniggy, and Biuks has temporary custody of two lovely pooches. So I will declare August to be Pet Picture Month, and people will have a few days to get ready. You will, however, need to post a new picture of Pinky for August (or go out and find another pet).

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