sexta-feira, agosto 10, 2007

My Pet Fancy Final Paper

The Occasional Visitor informs me that August is Pet Month.

Since my two pets won't sit still for the camera (they are too busy shredding my curtains and blankets and dragging a variety of household objects for burial in the litter box), here is my final paper for my Pastoral Counseling class, all fancy and ready to go.

I sent it in the way I would send in any other paper, but it was sent back to me because it was not hard bound with gold lettering. So here it is, hard bound with gold lettering. I will send it away tomorrow and hopefully I will never see it again, since now it is all schmancied up.


Blogger Mr. Carroll said...

A very appropriate picture of your pet: It reminds me of a picture I have of you when you were about 10, with a butterfly on your face, wings open. We had to put the butterfly in the refrigerator for a few minutes to slow its metabolism enough that it would not fly away. But now you say you WANT this one to fly away! I suggest that first you should make another fancy-shmancy copy that won't fly away. You can keep in your refrigerator.

10:29 AM  
Blogger V said...

Congratulations! So in Brazil they don't want the schmancy paper sent email? I guess it might be more difficult to put the gold lettering and green cover on a Mac or Dell. "The parental-unit congratulations you." And there's that nice word "schmancy" again!

9:55 PM  

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