quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008


The Dry Wash has tagged me in a meme which I am quite certain has made its way now all around my blogging family.

Unfortunately for my readers, all my books tend to have to do with violence. I have nothing cheerful to offer thee.

This is from page 123 of Covering Violence: A guide to ethical reporting about victims and trauma, by William Cote and Roger Simpson:

The loudest cries of rage and hurt come when pictures and sounds collide with viewers' and listeners' sensibilities. Visual and audio media make an instant impression on the eye and ear, in contrast to the newspaper reader's more deliberate choice to read or keep reading printed text word for word. By the time we decide we do not want to see the image or hear the details, it is too late; the real or the mental picture is in our brain for better or for worse.