domingo, janeiro 22, 2006

Hopes for the Next Life

You know life is tough when you're only 4 years old and you are already looking forward to reincarnation.

My godson, pictured here, had the grave misfortune of being born into a wholesome Mennonite family which does not believe in playing with guns, pretending to shoot or stab people, or renting violent cartoons.

Contrary to his mother's suspicions, I, as godmother, have not been stimulating his interest in exploring other religions. However, he has spontaneously begun to dream of the possibility of other lives, and has recently taken to declaring to me, to his family, and to complete strangers: �When I go to the 'Nited States, after I die, I will live again. And I will be Batman. And I will have a sword, and a knife and a gun.�

He is hoping that if he suffers through his current tedious, non-violent life with patience and fore-bearance, he will earn his way to a loftier existence filled with aggression and bloodshed.