segunda-feira, novembro 19, 2007

Welcome, Simon!

Two weeks ago we, the residents of my happy holey-roofed abode, welcomed our latest visitor, Simon.

Simon is a big favorite amongst all the residents, most notably Pinky, who is pictured with him here. (Pinky, in fact, was so ecstatic to have someone paying attention to her in a non-spray-bottle way that she celebrated by rushing out and getting pregnant by one of the many yowling male strays that, as Simon says, "want her hot bod." Since I will be leaving shortly for an extended period of time, I congratulated Simon on his probable new privilege as cat mid-husband.)

When Simon is not beating on things around the house (mostly a stool that he plays instead of a drum), he is busy blessing us with Bahian cooking, which he has picked up quite a knack for.

Pictured below are "the boys" enjoying my gourmet cooking on a night when we must have been out of Bahian beans and egg-on-bread.