terça-feira, outubro 24, 2006

The packing service every world traveler needs!

Tired of struggling to try to fit your all bulky clothes into your suit-case for that international trip? Call our 1-800 number and we will show you how simple it can be! For a small fee, let us provide you our patented vacuum-packing system, which utilizes “appropriate technology” and requires no harmful chemicals or fancy machinery! You provide only the ziplock bags and our trained professionals will use their bulk to take the awkward bulk out of your suitcases! Accept no cheap substitutes! You will know you have been treated to the quality service that only we provide when you notice the “butt-print of authenticity”on each and every tidy package. Call now!

sexta-feira, outubro 13, 2006

A new post. Sort of.

Okay... You will probably all think I'm cheating. But how can I try to say something new when someone else has already said it all? I was profoudly moved by this presentation and for anyone who has rebelliously neglected to view it on Pancho's blog, I must insist that you watch it here. You will be edified.

sexta-feira, outubro 06, 2006

Coming Up!!! An Amazing Event!!!

Yes, folks, the event of the year is nearly upon us. I am going to (drumroll....) update my blog. Not today. That would be too cold-turkey, and I don't have any interesting pictures available yet. My lame computer is not working so I can't upload my pictures yet.

But a day is coming when there will be a new post here, for all the masses who have been awaiting.