quinta-feira, março 16, 2006

Funky Building at Christmas

This is an old picture but I like it. And I don't have any new interesting pictures, but I just wanted to be a responsible blogger and put something on my site so it doesn't get too rusty.

sexta-feira, março 03, 2006


Here is a place in Poção with no trash. Thus, there were also no interesting animals to see. (There are two children, though, if you squint. I took them out for a walk with their pink umbrella, to see if we could find any goats). (Sorry, these blog entries would be better read from last to first, since that is the order I posted them).

My Carnaval Trip to Poção

Well, friends, I know I promised you some goat pictures, but when I had my camera out the goats were notably absent from Poção! I think they went carnavalling in some nearby city and left the cows, pigs and dogs to hold down the fort.

To be fair to Poção, I have to say that it had other interesting things besides animals eating trash. I just found animals eating trash to be the most interesting subject matter for my photo journalism. It is really a cute little town with no more or less trash than any other town of its size in this region.

By the time the goats came back from Carnaval, I was suffering from an acute intestinal infection of some sort, so I was unable to document their activities. I hope my friendly readers will be willing to take a rain-check on this one.

Church in Poção

This is a church in Poção. I think maybe there is a hunchback in the tower. He is looking out over the town to make sure the trash has been distributed equally.

Cows in Poção

Today is a good day for these cows. It is Serapio's birthday. And also, they scored some good eats in the trash.

Pigs in Poção

These pigs are happy because it is Serapio's birthday. They are celebrating by eating some delicious trash. Then they will go roll in the mud.