segunda-feira, abril 17, 2006

The Case of the Missing Egg

Our egg hunt was a smashing success. So much so, in fact, that my godson called about 8 or 9 "rematches". That is, he hid the eggs again and again so that we could find them -- again... and again... and again...

Luckily, we were smart enough to count the eggs before the rematches began, so we would know if we had indeed found them all or not. This was good, because eventually our little easter bunny turned cranky and (FINALLY, much to our relief) fell asleep in the arm chair. We took a final count of the eggs we had found, and came up with 19. What?!? Only 19?!? There should have been 20!!!

We looked and looked. Then we gave up and forgot about it.

Early this morning, Priscilla sat down in the arm chair to use the phone. She felt something cold and funny underneath her...

sábado, abril 15, 2006

Easter in the Land of No Egg Kits

So, we decided to have an egg hunt tomorrow (for my godson -- the rest of us will all be adults, playing along, or pretending to only be playing along).

Immediately we realized our challenge -- we live in a Land of No Egg-Dyeing Kits. And, we looked around at the stores and did not find any food coloring (yes, we do not live in the United States).

Luckily I remembered that some all-natural types use various plant and food items to color eggs naturally. Can you guess (without looking it up on the internet) which natural "dyes" were used for each of these eggs?

A mother's love...

Here is one of my babies. I have planted, watered, fertilized, and managed to keep Malú from uprooting, and now finally I may see the fruits of my efforts...

domingo, abril 09, 2006

Me at the Vigil

I was famous again, but this time I didn't even get to see myself. I got home from the Vigil to End Violence Against Women, and my house-mates said, "We saw you on TV". I talked to my cousin, and we agreed that if you are going to have your 2 seconds of fame, they should warn you first so you can atleast watch yourself on TV or buy the newspaper that day (later, some people told me my picture was in the newspaper as well.

So this isn't the picture that got in the paper, my friend took this one on my camera. This appears to be a particularly meaningful moment, when in actuality it was about the 50th time I had to re-light my candle off of someone else's (it was very windy, not good weather for a candle-light vigil).