sábado, junho 30, 2007

Hey guess what!? I'm Engaged!

Here are some pictures of our special engagement day. I'm sorry you all could not share it with us in person, but I will note here a few of the highlights, along with some pictures.

First, the three top romantic highlights of our special day:

1. Getting lost in a favela on the way home from picking up our rings.

2. Buying a brand-spankin'-new toilet seat.

3. Paying a drunk man to take our engagement picture.

Here are some romantic pictures (sorry, I was going to take one of the toilet seat but my camera ran out of batteries):

Eduardo and I trying to take our own engagement picture.

The engagement picture that the drunk man took of us (he did a very good job, we are thinking of hiring him for our wedding).

Me with my shiny new ring.

domingo, junho 03, 2007

A Law-abiding Blogger

In accordance with the International Lazy-bloggers' Honey Law publicized on The Occasional Visitor, I am posting here a picture of Du with his niece.

Since I am a proponent of good Honey treatment, I do not keep him in a squeeze-bottle in the refrigerator.