terça-feira, setembro 18, 2007

Slowlane's Mosquito Bites

Since the last video was for Mom, this one is for Dad. For those who are eagerly anticipating a view ow the famed 68 mosquito bites, you will have to watch for 12 minutes (or fast-forward, of course) to get there. Happy Viewing.

sexta-feira, setembro 14, 2007

Our vacation

This one is for you, Mom!

terça-feira, setembro 11, 2007

My Exciting Civil Ceremony

Well, here it is, folks.

It was such an exciting moment that my camera-lady and I even added a few extra scenes to spice it up (for example, the cat using the litter box).

For the (hopefully) much more interesting day, please attend my ceremony in Santa Barbara on December 29.