sexta-feira, fevereiro 18, 2005


I have always been skeptical of folks who claim to see spaceships and beings from other planets, but no more!

I managed to capture here on film a life-changing event that occured to me a few weeks ago. I am still reeling and trying to make sense of it.

Here you can actually make out the beings, who seem to be signaling a greeting of some sort. Funny, they looked down at me and seemed strangely... parental, almost. Then they floated off into the galaxy aboard their bath-tub like craft... What can it mean?

sábado, fevereiro 12, 2005

Another Enigmatic Photograph

Okay guessers: Here's your chance to win exactly nothing!!!!!!!!! Guess what this picture is. Hint: "A marble going down a drain" has already been guessed. It was a wrong guess. Try to be smarter than that guesser.

What Happened to Pink Week?

Well, this year's Pink Week Celebration ended rather disappointingly, to be honest with you.

This photo documents the anti-climactic culmination of Pink Week. A caravan of us Pink Week celebrators made the pilgrimage to the Pink Ladies Thrift Shop in Exeter on the High Saturday of Pink Week, to visit this exciting tribute to Pink. Though our hopes were high, the festive spirit dwindled rapidly when the first pilgrim (pictured here) approached the door and read the sign aloud: Open Mondays and Thursdays Only. We grieved this error but we feel certain that the owners of "Pink Ladies" will not make this mistake again next year.