segunda-feira, novembro 29, 2004

My two little friends wishing you peace and love. Posted by Hello

segunda-feira, novembro 15, 2004

Here's My Legs

This is one of the ugliest pictures of myself I have ever seen.

This is me, as seen through the eyes of my small 5-year-old friend who has been a little trigger-happy with the camera these days. I did not alter this picture at all so I do not know how it achieved this incredible level of un-flattering-ness. She has talent.

It's always interesting, if not encouraging, to realize how one looks through the eyes of someone else.

Hey Come Visit Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

The water is warm... The fish are friendly... And you can bring your bathingsuit from home if you want.

segunda-feira, novembro 08, 2004

Well, fans, I am off to the beach for a week, where I will try to forget about machista men and beauracracy (how the heck do you spell that?) and other stresses of life. I will catch a little sun for all of you up North, where it is probably not the right weather for donning Brazilian-style swim-wear. Some of you (like my mother and slowlane, for instance) are thinking, is it ever the right weather for donning Brazilian-style swimwear? Well, I can tell you it is pretty durn toasty. Maybe Slowlane can FedEx me her 5-piece bathing suit? Posted by Hello

terça-feira, novembro 02, 2004

Fast Friends

Tonight 1968 and Fermix met one another for the first time. I had been hoping they would like each other and keep each other company. Needless to say, they were unconvinced, and in fact were so thrilled to become acquainted that they refused to appear in the same photograph of their own free will. So I had to persuade them with brute force.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

My puppy senses that his new housemate has some doubts about welcoming him in. Perhaps it was in the sound she makes whenever she sees him, that sort of throaty consonant that I make when I am trying to say a German word and I can't do it right. Or maybe it's in the gutteral growl she directs at him whenever she's not hissing/speaking German.

So much for the idyllic scenes like you find on those cheesy animal calendars.

Fermix: What is that ugly beast you've brought in with you?
1968: I think I will just hide under this chair.