domingo, abril 06, 2008

Always Daddy's Girl

I think I remember seeing, at some point, a book with the above title. I believe it postulated that women look for mates with their father's characteristics.

My husband, like my father, likes to take pictures of spiders. Never mind that he also likes to take pictures of everything else in the world and that his interest in spiders blossomed only after meeting my father. I think it still counts, because the book says so.

Anyway, how many spiders can you see in this picture of our backyard?

I think I can see 5 in the picture, but in this 2 meter by 2 meter space in our backyard, we counted 18 argiopes (or, as Du calls them, pirate spiders). We hope they are busy eating mosquitoes and thus lowering our chances of getting dengue or getting carried away at night while we sleep.

In this last picture, I like the way the spider looks like she has a silver butt.