quinta-feira, maio 29, 2008

Stuck in the middle

The 6th birthday party of my 2nd-cousin-in-law(?) was a very emotional moment. Henrique (right) blew as hard as he could to extinguish the candle, and Isaías (left) couldn't resist helping him.

Their cousin Ana was overcome with warm birthday sentiments and rushed over to give Henrique a tight birthday hug. For a few moments, she didn't realize that a smaller someone was being inadvertently smothered in the gesture.

"Hey, guys! ...Guys! ...Hey, this hug is nice and all but I am trying to breathe here...!"


The Dry Wash has tagged me in a meme which I am quite certain has made its way now all around my blogging family.

Unfortunately for my readers, all my books tend to have to do with violence. I have nothing cheerful to offer thee.

This is from page 123 of Covering Violence: A guide to ethical reporting about victims and trauma, by William Cote and Roger Simpson:

The loudest cries of rage and hurt come when pictures and sounds collide with viewers' and listeners' sensibilities. Visual and audio media make an instant impression on the eye and ear, in contrast to the newspaper reader's more deliberate choice to read or keep reading printed text word for word. By the time we decide we do not want to see the image or hear the details, it is too late; the real or the mental picture is in our brain for better or for worse.

segunda-feira, maio 26, 2008


If I had realized how little effort it would take to get my family to visit, I would have made these renovations the very first day. Field and Garden Dream will appreciate (I hope) the new paint job and Slowlane will be comforted by the new water faucets I have installed (hopefully she will not find it disturbing that I have water coming out of the electric pole...)

For my most recent blog visitor, "V", I am happy to report that we have no hallways so there is no need to turn sideways. We do have a narrow winding staircase that no one more rotund than Eduardo can pass through. But since the bathroom is downstairs, there is no need to go upstairs anyway. And if you really really must, you can just scale the electric pole/water pipe, jump over the roof, and go through the doorway-with-no-door on the other side (Watch out that the other faucet doesn't catch you in the crotch though! Owie!).

domingo, maio 25, 2008

My New House

Slowlane has been complaining about not having anything to look at, so I have decided to display my new house here for her. Perhaps she will not only be less bored, but she will decide to come visit because she will see that it is such a fantastic place even if it only has running water once every four days. That's what I'm hoping, anyway.

First, I will show you the backyard. Here I am in front of our papaya tree, holding a blender full of acerolas that we picked of our acerola tree that is not in the picture. In the picture you can see our half-finished cistern that the owner of our house is making so that someday we will have water everyday instead of once every four days.

Here's the front of our house. It is peach-colored like most of the houses I have rented, which is ironic because I don't like peach colored houses. If we buy the house someday, I will paint it green. The car in the picture is borrowed, it doesn't belong to us. It only hangs out with me when it is in the mood to get a flat tire.

We like our house a lot. Come visit!