quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2008

Three Weddings and No Funeral

I am thankful for the "no funerals" part, of course.

Our weddings began on September 5, 2007, with a fairly cut-and-dry affair at the courthouse where we shared our romantic 5 seconds with roughly 12 other couples we had never met. Eighty percent of those present at our reception (who numbered 5 total) were happy to be there. We celebrated by eating beans and spaghetti. And for the honeymoon, I left my husbandish living at his parents house and took off to the beach with my sister.

December 29 scored much higher on the romance-o-meter. It was by far the most organized event out of all our ceremonies, right down to our meticulously precise march down the aisle and to our seats. We recognized everyone at our reception. And for the honeymoon, we spent 3 days at a hotel in a beach town. And it had a hot tub and everything. Yay!

On February 16th, 2008, roughly 5 months after our first event, we enjoyed our final celebration, which was by far the wild card event out of all three. The ceremony showed little recognizeable similarity to the rehearsal which had taken place the day before, and one quickly noted the reason that the more control-freaky North Americans invented the "wedding coordinator". The service was noisy and fun, and we were joined by family, friends, and several dozen complete strangers who materialized on the scene from only God knows where. (The individual who shows up most often in our photographs of the occasion is someone we have never seen, before or since, but who apparently liked getting into pictures).

And the honeymoon? We went to our house (pictured here) and opened our presents and ate cake.

Then (not pictured here) I got very sick and spent the next 48 hours making frequent trips to my lovely bathroom, where the plumbing happened to be backed up. Hmmm... not very high on the romance-o-meter.

Overall, we found our ceremonies to have been very satisfactory and have decided to not hold any more for the time being.

Brownie points to my sister, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin for making it to two out of three! And to us, for making it to all of them!