terça-feira, dezembro 28, 2004

And Now a Word from Our Non-sponsor...

This is a commercial for Thrift Stores.

I am writing a commercial for thrift stores because they don't spend much on marketing. Very rarely, for instance, does one see a Super-Bowl commercial for a thrift store. So, the thrift stores of the world will be happy to know that this is a free commercial. And my blog, of course, is better than the super-bowl.

Thrift Stores Rock! Why does anyone bother buying clothes new, I want to know? Sure, the clothes there are a bit smelly and have rings-around-the-collar, but after a bit of cleaning up they are perfectly fine. I bought a huge bag full of good clothing today, for $26, the price of one item new.

So go to a thrift store today, take your old junk, and buy some junk that's new-to-you.

sexta-feira, dezembro 03, 2004

A Birthday Story (You can't please everyone...)

These are my friends at my birthday party in early November. No, it was not snowing, there was something wrong with my camera.

In the background you can see my special guest of honor, Manuel. This is how we met Manuel, while he was walking around begging at the beach:

Manuel: Good evening, I see you have some cake there. Could you get me some?

Me: We haven't cut it yet. But come back later.

(7 seconds later...)

Manuel: Can I have some cake?

Me: We haven't sung happy birthday or cut the cake yet. Come back a bit later.

(10 seconds later...)

Manuel: Boy am I hungry. Hey, that cake looks pretty good, any chance I could have some?

Me: Not time yet... Don't worry, we'll call you.

(This repeats several more times. Finally, it is time to sing and cut the cake so we invite Manuel. As our newly acquainted guest of honor, he receives the first slice of cake).

Us: Yum, yum. This is great cake!

Manuel: Is this the only kind of cake you have?

Me: Yes.

Manuel: Just chocolate?

Me: Yes.

Manuel: I don't like it. Too bad you don't have coconut cake. I like coconut cake.

(Leaves cake uneaten on the table and leaves).